Make the Most of Flash Survey Tools for Collating Consumer Feedback

Businesses are not free of competition as there are several players selling similar products at competitive prices. It is for this reason profit margins are getting lean as far as online business concerned. Even traditional businesses are facing threats from rival companies. In such a scenario, gauging the strengths and weaknesses of the firm becomes imperative. Unless you are cognizant of your plus points and imperfections, you cannot expect to flourish in business.

However, with the advent of   Flash survey tools, it is now possible to get customer feedback related to your company, the products and services. It will help you gather a lot of information from your targeted customers and consider their feedback. You will get to know what customers like and what they dislike. After getting the feedback, it will be easier for you to improve on the strengths and get rid of the weaknesses. To know more, read on..

These Flash based tools come with useful questionnaires and templates that are free over the internet. It will help you create survey pages quickly and without any design flaws. There are also paid templates available that you can pick out according to the requirements of your business.

Asking customers questions and taking their feedback is a time consuming process since you will have to contact each person individually, and make a note of their respective opinions. The entire process of asking questions and getting responses is much easier if you opt for Flash tools. It is always better to make use of appropriate software to build a survey page for your site and ask users to leave their opinions. Unlike a traditional questionnaire, there is no need to run after consumers.

Web visitors feel reluctant to participate in surveys as they regard it as a complete wastage of time. However, with interactive Flash elements, animations and special effects, it is possible to attract the attention of visitors and motivate them to respond to the questionnaires. The page can be made engaging with the incorporation of audio files and interactive quizzes. This way the look and feel of your web pages will be enhanced.

Flash based applications meant for collecting customer responses help you ascertain how the products or services are performing. There are some who will argue that a sales report is ideal for understanding whether products are fairing well or not.

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Why Flash Intro Design Is Great for Your Online Presence?

Designing intros in Flash is beneficial for your online presence. These are templates used for a number of purposes such as introduction of your business website, creating online advertisements, and for the display of products or services online.

Flash intro design makes designers task simpler as they are easy to create, and therefore will save much development time. These are effective for businesses offering prompt solutions to their customers. In this article, we are therefore going to discuss about some of the beneficial effects of it on businesses.

Quick and Impressive Delivery of Ideas

Most designers prefer using Flash based intros for accentuating the benefits of your site quickly and effectively. It presents your business ideas in style. This way your targeted audience will have an idea about your products or services before they land up on your home page.  In simpler words, it presents viewers with a synopsis of your website content.

Attention Grabbing Design

Interactive elements and subtle animation effects will leave your visitors enthralled if the intro is designed by an experienced flash web design expert. Moreover, it has to be executed the right way, and with style. It not only helps to attract customer attention, but also amazes your business partners or clients who is eager to do business with you.

Interactive elements such as video, audio, and graphics help in making it more intriguing. With these elements, you can narrate a story to your audience, and convey the following:

-        With visuals and audio, you can briefly state when your organization was established, and who founded it.

-        The products and services your company specializes in, and how your business is different from that of your competitors.

Make sure you keep things short and simple. Adding a background music will also make it more interesting.

More Functionality

If designed the right way, you will be able to integrate and execute advanced features to it such as interactive animations and menus. This has three benefits:

-        Improves the value of the web page.

-        Adds dynamism to your website introduction.

-        Visitors are highly impressed.

Beneficial for An Online Store

If you have any plan to build an e-commerce site, then an intro is is the best way to educate visitors about your online products, discounts, offers. It is an effective medium to highlight the best features of your online store. You can easily customize it according to the requirements of your online business.

A Great Promotional Tool

It can serve as a great promotional or marketing tool if used intelligently. With a ‘skip button’ included, you are not directly forcing users to view the information related to your products and services. Instead, you are giving them an option, i.e., visitors have a choice whether they want to view it or not. The success of it depends on how a flash design professional makes it more user-friendly. This is where the trick lies. When an advertisement is not forced, people would like to view it.

What are your views as a reader? Please comment.

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Do People Really Care About Your Flash Web Animation?

Much has been talked and written about Flash. Its benefits, beauty and interactivity have been discussed by pundits all over the internet. But when it comes to usability, how much do we care? Or let’s put it this way, how much do users care? There is no denying that Flash can make a website very attractive and appealing to the eye. But how much is ‘appeal’ necessary for a website in order to succeed? Does putting up Flash web animation mean your site is going to be an instant hit? Aren’t there more factors that play major roles in a website’s success? This article will try to find out.


First of all, we all know that being informative is the key. If your site has informative content written in an easy-to-understand language, visitors are going to come to your site. If your informative, well-written and engaging content is presented in an eye-catching manner that offers interactive graphics and animation to give visitors a clearer concept, people are going to like it even more. But if there is no informative, neither well-written content to provide your visitors with, no graphics or animation can keep users hooked on to your site, no matter how high-quality they are.

The bottomline: Beauty is good, but to succeed, you need brains with beauty.


Let’s say your website has a fantastic Flash intro design. But it takes a hell lot of time to load on a desktop browser, let alone mobile browsers, how many people do you think will stick to your website patiently, while it loads and presents itself in all its glory? Practically no one. Which takes us to brainstorming another issue – speed. Time is of the essence. You cannot afford to eat up so much time off your visitors’ schedule, unless you are targeting an audience of retired, senior citizens, which you are probably not.

The bottomline:  Time is money. Find ways to speed up the loading time of your site so that visitors do not have to wait.


More and more people are turning towards the mobile web. The electronic devices market is overwhelming with smartphones and tablet computers. The main goal of website owners is to make their website available to people on the go. Is your Flash-rich site targeting those people? Is it perfectly compatible with mobile browsers? If it is not, it should be…ASAP.

The bottomline: Everyone is busy these days. They don’t have the time to come to you. You have to showcase and present your product/service to those people when they are on the move. Mobile internet is the future of internet. Do not ignore it.


Do not create something using Flash just for the sake of it, or just because you have to. A not-so informative site which takes some time to download can also be a success, if the Flash design is really striking. If it is not, there’s no point in doing it. Furthermore, you should maintain a balance between beauty and usability in your website. You should never stress on one and overlook the other, because that is not wise and can be disastrous. A beautiful and engaging site is what gets regular visitors and ensures repeat visits.

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